Getting a UK Toll Free Number for Better Business

050917-N-5321R-020 Virginia Beach, Va. (Sept. 17, 2005) - United Kingdom Army Regiment's Red Devils present the Union Jack, during the opening ceremonies of the 2005 Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show. The air show, held Sept. 16-18th, showcased civilian and military aircraft from the Nation's armed forces, which provided many flight demonstrations and static displays. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Daniel C. Ross (RELEASED)
Virginia Beach, Va. (Sept. 17, 2005) – United Kingdom Army Regiment’s Red Devils present the Union Jack, during the opening ceremonies of the 2005 Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show. The air show, held Sept. 16-18th, showcased civilian and military aircraft from the Nation’s armed forces, which provided many flight demonstrations and static displays. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Daniel C. Ross (RELEASED)

The United Kingdom is a big enough area where if one doesn’t have some form of good long distance plan the costs for those calling you on the other side of the country may get quite pricey. Many phone providers do offer long distance plans, but now folks across the region are beginning to register UK toll free numbers as a preference.

From the research I’ve conducted there are just about as many personal toll free numbers being used as there are business ones. So the recent trend of acquiring UK toll free numbers isn’t only exclusive to businesses and companies, but also those looking to keep the long distance call fees down to zero for those contacting them.

The United Kingdom has several toll free number options, which include 0800 numbers, 0808, as well 0500 codes. However, the toll free number utilized the most in the UK would be the 0800 variety. UK toll free numbers can be set up quickly, usually on the same day, and can be linked to landlines or even mobile units all over the world. The format for toll free numbers within the UK is 0800 XXX XXXX.

It goes without saying that businesses definitely stand to benefit from using a toll free number within the UK. Customers are much more apt to ring you up if they know there will be no cost to them. Everyone is trying to save money these days and if a potential client can save money on a long distance phone call, thus having more to spend on your products, it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Big Branding Benefits for Business

Yet another beneficial reason to attain UK toll free numbers is for branding. Even for personal use, a ‘vanity’ number which spells out your name can make it easier to remember. Especially if you have a relative calling you who may be on in years and no longer has the greatest memory. Needless to say, a vanity toll free number for business branding is something many companies do their best to acquire. They aren’t always available, however, if your business name is fairly unique then you could be in luck.

One should, however, keep in mind there is the possibility a vanity number for whatever 4-digit extension you prefer may also not be available. For instance, if it’s a 0800 extension you seek, you may not be able to match up your business name with it. This, of course, will depend on the uniqueness of your business’ name.

As has been previously mentioned, UK toll free numbers can be linked to mobile phones all over the world. So in the event someone calls your number within the UK and you are mobile in some other region on the planet, you can still take the call and the person on the other end does not get charged. That is extremely beneficial to both you and the caller.

Technology has come a long way, especially in the United Kingdom. The availability of options such as toll free numbers, where you can accept a free call from someone while you are traveling anywhere in the world is just about as convenient as it can get. By utilizing UK toll free numbers people will never miss a call from their clients or loved ones.

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How to Setup Conditional Call Forwarding in iOS 8 or Earlier

IOS_8_logoHey, what’s up guys, this is Kevin from NYC Subway Wireless and many people basically asked me, “How can we forward conditionally, the calls from an iPhone?” Basically, people don’t know about this, officially through the iPhone settings, we have only two options: Either you forward all the calls to a particular number or not to forward any calls.

In this blog post we will be taking a look at how to forward, conditionally, the calls.

There are around three conditions:

  1. If you are busy or not under the call, then the call will be diverted
  2. The second is, if you do not answer, which means if you do not pick up the call, then it will be diverted
  3. The third and the last condition is that if your number is unreachable, like the person is not able to contact you then it will be automatically diverted to a number

The number which you forward calls to might be a voicemail service number or it can be your second number, or someone else’s number.

That’s me getting right into this with you. Okay so guys once you are there with the iPhone so basically this tutorial I’m going to show you on my iPhone running iOS 8. When I talk about iOS 8 it starts from iOS 8.0 and iOS 8.1.2. My device is currently running iOS 8.1.2.

Let’s go ahead

What you need to do is first of all go into the phone application and you need to tap on ‘Keypad’. Once you are there on the keypad right over there, there is a code that you need to dial. But don’t worry, the codes are again there in the description too.

The very first code is when you want to forward your call when your number is busy. The code is something like this: star, six, seven, star, now you need to enter the number which you want to forward your call to.

In my case, I forward it to my voicemail service, or another number, so the number will be like this. Once you entered the number, what you guys need to do is that again you need to enter a code that is star, 11, hash. Once you entered the code, you just need to dial the code number, it says ‘Please wait’. You see ‘Setting Activation Successful, Voice Call Forwarding When Busy’. I have just now activated when my number will be busy, the call will be forwarded to a number. Let’s dismiss this.

Let’s go ahead with the second case, the second case is when you do not answer the call. So guys, what happens, again the call will forward if you do not answer the call. The code for this goes something like this: star, six, one, star, now you have to enter the number you want to forward the call to. The number again goes same for me. Again star, and now again the code: 11, star, 15, hash. Once you entered the code, just dial it. Please wait, and the setting activation successful, voice call forwarding when unanswered. Just tap dismiss.

Now let’s move to the third situation that is when you are unreachable or you do not have any network, and the call will be forwarded. The number is something like this: star, six, two, star, and the number, and the code is 11. Just dial it. So again it’s successful when unreachable. Just dismiss.

How to Stop Call Forwarding

So guys we have successfully activated conditional call forwarding on iPhone through three situations. Now you might be having a doubt in your mind that ‘How can we stop this?’ or ‘How can we cancel this?’ What you need to do is just go into the phone application, now how to deactivate these, the command goes something like this: if you want to deactivate when your phone is busy, just tap: hash, six, seven, hash. Just dial it. It says deactivation succeeded. Everything is deactivated in one single go. As you can see, I hope you can see this properly, it’s deactivated, deactivated, deactivated, so it’s successfully deactivated.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, this post was on conditional call forwarding on an iPhone running iOS 8. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did then at least give thumbs up to this post, subscribe to our blog. We’ll catch you later with some exciting stuff. Till that, peace.

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Call forwarding services let you receive calls at a variety of different locations


Call forwarding services are designed to allow incoming phone calls to be transferred from one phone to another or others if need be. There are a number of different call forwarding services available, designed to handle different situations. Call forwarding from a specific telephone can be activated or deactivated at any time. If you want to receive calls on your phone as usual, deactivate the call forwarding service and calls will go directly to the phone that was dialed. If you want to receive calls on a different phone, simply activate call forwarding to that phone and the calls will be transferred there for you automatically.

Receive Calls at a Variety of Locations

Call forwarding services allow you to receive calls to the same phone number at a variety of different locations. When using call forwarding, you are able to receive incoming calls on a number of different phones that were dialed to the same number. This allows you to accept calls from different geographical locations.

Sign Up for a Call Forwarding Service

In order to forward calls, you must first sign up for a call forwarding service. If you would like to receive forwarded calls from country to country, you should sign up for an international call forwarding service. International call forwarding services allow calls to be forwarded outside the country from which the call was originated. Once you choose the right call forwarding service, it is very simple to set up and you can start receiving forwarded calls immediately. Forwarded calls have the same great quality as regular calls, as long as you choose a good call forwarding service.

Several Options: Local vs Toll Free Numbers

When shopping for call forwarding services, you will have several options. One such option is whether you want to use a local number in a specific area to forward calls to you or if you want a toll free number forwarded to your phone. You can even have both local numbers and toll free numbers forwarded to the same phone. You can have these calls forwarded to more than one phone as well.

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Forward Cell Phone Calls to Another Cell Phone

Voice and data service are now available for AT&T and T-Mobile USA customers in several NYC subway stations. Boingo Wireless is providing free Wi-Fi and call forwarding to all riders, sponsored by HTC One, World Wide Call Forwarding and Global Call Forwarding (our provider for local and international call forwarding services).

Forward Calls Where?

Choose Your Subway Line to View Active Stations


1234567AC – E

Forward Calls When?

Rollout of wireless phone service will take place in multiple phases over the next several years. The plan has been designed to ensure that stations across the four boroughs are brought online in equal measure throughout the project. If you would like to forward calls when accessing a wireless network, be sure to contact one of our International Call Forwarding services.

Forward Calls How?

If you are an AT&T or T-Mobile USA cellular customer, you will connect automatically to the network when entering the operational subway stations.

All riders can connect to the free Wi-Fi. It’s as easy as:

Go to the Wireless Settings on your device
Select the network SSID: FreeWiFibyHTCONE
Open your web browser to get connected
The Technical Details

The wireless carriers co-locate their equipment at a secure Wireless base station, a resilient, fault-tolerant facility with redundant air conditioning and power. The network supports a wide range of cellular bands and technologies including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TDMA, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE.

The signals are then distributed on fiber optic cable through ducts under city streets to subway stations where the cables connect to multi-band radio frequency (RF) nodes, which are placed on platforms, mezzanines and at various points within public access passageways. Finally, the signal is extended to strategically located antennas throughout each subway station to provide seamless coverage from above ground to underground stations.

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5 Ways to Cut Cell Phone Bills

According to a Federal Communications Commission survey, roughly 30 million Americans — 1 out of every 6 —  have experienced “bill shock:” that sinking feeling you get when your cell phone bill arrives and you discover that you have exceeded roaming charges and data usage limits.

Here are five ways, in no certain order, you can avoid bill shock, while, at the same time, cutting your cell phone bill:

1.  Know Your Plan.  Review your plan and figure out how many minutes and how much data you’re actually using and if you have room to downgrade. Recently, carriers have been making big changes to their mobile plans resulting in a nearly 20% increase in price in data plans.  Also, remember to avoid termination fees.  Make an informed decision and stay within your contract time line before switching carriers. This will save you on average $350 per line. Do your research a few months before your contract is up and find the best phone plan that fits your budget.

2.  Negotiate.
Use your negotiation skills as a small business owner and apply it to your cell phone bill. Carriers are aware of their customers’ frustrations and the recent press around increasing service plans so they’re keen to keep you if you give a good argument. Pull together at least three of your past bills and highlight rising cost concerns from unexpected fees to taxes and ask for deductions and discounts.  It costs companies less to negotiate a lower price than lose a customer all together, so cell phone companies most likely will have retention departments for the purpose of offering perks, deals, and additional discounts.  Don’t forget to also mention what deals other competitors have.
3.  Embrace VoIP.  Most voip resellers offer VoIP apps. This means that whenever your phone is connected to Wi-Fi your calls are transferred from your network to the Internet – and that means free minutes. VoIP can drastically reduce the number of minutes used on every billing cycle and helps ensure you don’t drop calls in network dead zones.
Key Benefits of New VoIP Features
  • Reduce cell phone minute usage (and bills) when making and receiving calls over a data connection using Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G network
  • Answer every call appropriately with the ability to see caller ID and the extensions dialed on your incoming calls
  • Easily connect with important contacts with the unique intercom feature
  • Choose the way calls are placed or received with easy “on” “off” VoIP calling
  • Make calls in environments where phone service is weak, but a Wi-Fi connection is strong
4.  Treat Your Business Like Your Family.  Evaluate your plan and decide if a family plan is more cost effective than having separate plans for each employee. Family plans can also be less expensive than business plans and by doing so, you’ll reduce the risk of incurring overage charges.

5.  Consider Prepaid.   Pay-as-you-go phones typically cost 10 cents per minute plus a small daily access fee each time the phone is used.  It’s like a cell phone in training wheels and a smart option if you’re on a budget.  Just make sure the plan you choose allows you to roll over any minutes you don’t use to the following month.Learn more about cloud services for business at the website.  In addition to virtual phone services, j2 also provides many other valuable tools for small business owners.We love to hear how we help your business and how you are using our service.  Post a comment below and let us know how phone forwarding services help you meet and exceed your business goals.
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Small Business and Cell Phone Etiquette, Part Two

How to have good cell phone manners in the business world

In a world where cell phone use is a given, sometimes we find it’s easy to forget about those around us. When it comes to your professional conduct, you certainly don’t want to offend the wrong person or present a less-than-stellar image. In the second part of this series, we’ll take a look at additional tips to keep in mind while using your cell phone.

Avoid multi-tasking. We’ve all done it. Found ourselves making what we thought would be a quick call in the produce department of the grocery store, and we’re still talking well into dairy and on into the check-out lane. Conducting conversations while trying to pay for your groceries, order from a menu, or take your car in for service just isn’t appropriate. Those that are trying to assist you can’t do their job if you are on the phone. Excuse yourself and resume your conversation when you’re not trying to do business with someone else.

Declare meetings a no-call zone. Get in the habit of turning your ringer off when attending meetings, and rely on your voice mail to do its job. Unless the call is specifically important to the meeting at hand and attendees are all aware of the call, do not allow an interruption from your cell phone. Your associates and potential clients will not be impressed if you do.

Watch your hands-free action. How many times have you been shopping or minding your own business, when a seemingly crazed person walks toward you, with flailing arms and animated conversation? It’s only then that you notice the device attached to their ear, and you realize they’re talking on the phone? This convenience is meant for the car, not a public arena. Limit your use of hands-free devices only to appropriate situations.

Keep your personal information personal. It’s easy in a cell phone world to become somewhat numb regarding your surroundings and how your calls affect others. Keep your personal information private, and go to a secluded place when calling your doctor, tech or attorney. You never know who is listening, and what information you might mistakenly give away. Your next potential customer could be standing next to you, and you may be projecting a less than professional image.

It’s easy to rely on your cell phone for right here, right now communication. But rethink the times and places you use it, so it won’t cost you your credibility or image.

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