Forward Cell Phone Calls to Another Cell Phone

Voice and data service are now available for AT&T and T-Mobile USA customers in several NYC subway stations. Boingo Wireless is providing free Wi-Fi and call forwarding to all riders, sponsored by HTC One and Global Call Forwarding (our provider for local and international call forwarding services).

Forward Calls Where?

Choose Your Subway Line to View Active Stations


1234567AC – E

Forward Calls When?

Rollout of wireless phone service will take place in multiple phases over the next several years. The plan has been designed to ensure that stations across the four boroughs are brought online in equal measure throughout the project. If you would like to forward calls when accessing a wireless network, be sure to contact one of our International Call Forwarding services.

Forward Calls How?

If you are an AT&T or T-Mobile USA cellular customer, you will connect automatically to the network when entering the operational subway stations.

All riders can connect to the free Wi-Fi. It’s as easy as:

Go to the Wireless Settings on your device
Select the network SSID: FreeWiFibyHTCONE
Open your web browser to get connected
The Technical Details

The wireless carriers co-locate their equipment at a secure Wireless base station, a resilient, fault-tolerant facility with redundant air conditioning and power. The network supports a wide range of cellular bands and technologies including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TDMA, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE.

The signals are then distributed on fiber optic cable through ducts under city streets to subway stations where the cables connect to multi-band radio frequency (RF) nodes, which are placed on platforms, mezzanines and at various points within public access passageways. Finally, the signal is extended to strategically located antennas throughout each subway station to provide seamless coverage from above ground to underground stations.

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Be reached anywhere in the world! Call forwarding benefits when traveling overseas.

Be reached anywhere in the World! Simply forward your 800-number to the International call forwarding destination (Hotel, Cabin, Cell Phone, etc) and receive your calls smoothly! With Low International Rates, it is more cost effective to receive calls than to place calls from International countries.

Call Forwarding benefits for Overseas Travel

  • Renting a Cell Phone while Overseas? Forward calls to the Cell Phone and save money with calls coming to you.
  • Give One Number to Family and Friends
  • Overseas Office? Give your customers a toll free number to call and save money with great International Rates!

Call Forwarding benefits for Local Travel

If you are at a business convention or on a business trip and you do not have reliable telephone access then you can have your 800 toll free number forwarded to your cell phone. And if for some reason your cell phone doesn’t get a signal then you can have your callers leave a message on your voicemail. The toll free number can automatically forward to any phone at any location.

If you have a long commute to work or you travel to different business locations then an 800 call forwarding service is ideal. And if you have a PDA with email capabilities then you can also receive faxes and emails to your phone because they are forwarded via email as PDF attachments.

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